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Corporate governance

Vopak complies with the vast majority of the principles and best practices laid down in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (the Code). The exceptions are explained in the following chapters. For our stakeholders, and in accordance with previous recommendations of the Monitoring Committee Corporate Governance Code (the Monitoring Committee), this section includes the various risks and ways in which Vopak manages these in our external accountability and reporting on risks and risk management.

Vopak has various sets of rules in place governing the performance of its various bodies and ensuring implementation of the rules applicable within Vopak. These rules have been amended in line with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, recent legislative amendments and decisions made by the Supervisory Board from time to time.
Shareholder information
Vopak follows an open information policy towards investors and other parties interested in the financial status of the company. The purpose is to inform these stakeholders as fully and as early as possible about Vopak’s policies and changes within the company.